Promoting Healthy Habits at La Pandi Children’s Workshop

Sakata Seed Iberica S.L.U. (hereinafter, “SPA”) holds a workshop to promote children’s health habits using the adventure story “La Pandi,” which features fruit and vegetable characters.

Since 2013, the workshop has taught more than 45,000 students the importance of healthy eating habits. The main characters of La Pandi are Brocolin (broccoli), Sapito (Piel de Sapo melon), Sapito’s cousin Pilgrim (butternut squash), the character Yellow (yellow pepper), Tina (an inventor), and the twin sisters Bi and Me. These characters promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables. They also teach children values of treasuring humans and the planet, such as the importance of agriculture and sustainability.

The workshop has won numerous awards, including the NAOS Strategy Award (the award for the best business initiatives of the year) from the Spanish government.

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SPA staff and “La Pandi” characters

SPA staff introducing broccoli to children

“La Pandi” characters