Sakata Seed Corporation 110th Anniversary Website (Archive)

Thanks to your support, Sakata Seed Corporation will celebrate its 110th anniversary in 2023.

With head office members of Sakata Shokai.
Center of first row, Takeo Sakata on December 26, 1922.


July 2023 marks the 110th anniversary of the beginnings of Sakata Seed Corporation.
In 1913, our founder Takeo Sakata returned to Japan from his training in overseas practical business in the West.
He then established Sakata Noen in Yokohama and began a business in selling young plants of trees overseas.
This was the beginnings of Sakata Seed Corporation.

Although the times have changed since then, the one thing that has never changed is our “PASSION in Seed.”

Sakata Seed Corporation produces superior varieties and delivers happiness to society through those seeds and plants.
Sakata Seed Corporation will continue to move forward toward a brighter future.

The fruits of PASSION

It is the responsibility of Sakata Seed Corporation to all of society to produce superior varieties and deliver happiness to society through those seeds and plants. As a global company that originated in Japan and is based on R&D, we will continue to move forward with our stakeholders based on the spirit of our motto “Quality, Reliability, and Service.”

110th anniversary logo mark

Sakata Seed Corporation’s 110th anniversary logo mark is based on the motif of a single seed (seedling) and the number “110.” We designed the logo mark to express the importance of continuing to value our founding spirit while celebrating our 110th anniversary with gratitude, and continuing to grow into the future. The SAKATA Group will use this logo mark around the world from January to December 2023.

History of The founder, Takeo Sakata

Sakata Seed Corporation founder Takeo Sakata was a leading contributor to the development of the modern Japanese seeds and young plants industry.
The life of Takeo Sakata introduced as a comic book.

Path from 100 to 110 years since our founding

10 years have passed since we celebrated our 100th anniversary in 2013. During this time, the environment surrounding our company has changed rapidly. Major challenges such as responding to climate change and preserving biodiversity have arisen in the agricultural and gardening industries which are closely linked to nature, and we now have an even greater responsibility for protecting the environment and society. Therefore, in 2022, we added Mutual Harmony to our management philosophy of Mutual Prosperity and Mutual Interest. Based on this, we have renewed our promise to work toward sustainable coexistence among nature on earth, society surrounded by nature, and companies as an integral part of the society.

Enhancement of global network

We have established bases in regions around the world, such as Sakata Vietnam Co., Ltd. and Sakata Seed Argentina S.A., thereby achieving a robust management system and supply chain that can stably deliver seeds to more than 170 countries around the world. Sakata Seed Corporation will continue to lead the global seeds and young plants industry.

Further globalization of R&D system

We have established R&D stations such as the Woodland Innovation Center in the United States and the Culiacan Innovation Center in Mexico. In addition to Japan, we are expanding our research system in North & Central America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia, thereby cultivating varieties for the global market and developing agricultural and horticultural supplies.

Support for sustainability

We implement efforts to enhancing measures to protect genetic resources of horticultural plants based on the Convention on Biological Diversity; for example, our genetic resources conservation program in Mexico was adopted by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency). Furthermore, we have formulated our Basic Approach to the SDGs and our Basic Policy on Sustainability, and are promoting initiatives for the sustainable development of the world.

Our path until today is introduced on the History page and on our 100th Anniversary Special Website.

Our activities for the future

In August 2022, we added the new management philosophy of Mutual Harmony to further clarify our activities of contributing to society through seeds. Mutual Harmony is based on the principle of aiming for sustainable coexistence among nature on earth, society surrounded by nature, and companies as an integral part of the society. We reiterated that we will accelerate and continue what we have been doing; in other words, we will aim for sustainability management to realize a sustainable environment and society.

Development of new varieties for solving issues in agriculture and gardening

In response to major global issues such as improving productivity, securing a stable food supply, and improving nutrition, we will provide even higher added value to seeds and young plants than ever before, and ensure stable production and supply. To meet producers’ needs, we develop highly original varieties that are appreciated by consumers. Examples include varieties with excellent weather resistance and yield, and varieties with a relatively short cultivation period.

Agricultural support with high economic productivity by improving cultivation techniques

We will promote solution businesses (eco-friendly products, etc.) that support agriculture and gardening. At the same time, we will actively utilize information technology; for example, aiming to save labor at production sites through smart agriculture business based on environmental control systems. Furthermore, we will contribute to industrial development and regional revitalization in producing countries so that growers can cultivate with peace of mind and obtain high profits.

Responding to climate change by developing new varieties of flowers and vegetables

In order to develop new varieties capable of adapting to harsh growing environments, we will continue to study and research heat, cold, drought, heavy rain, and other forms of climate change occurring around the world, as well as the occurrence of new pests. We will also continue to develop new varieties that contribute to energy conservation during production. Examples include varieties that do not require high temperature settings during cultivation and varieties cultivated with less pesticides.

Introduces specific systems and initiatives, in addition to our Basic Policy on Sustainability and Basic Approach to the SDGs.

The company that delivers smiles and health to the world through seeds

With gratitude to everyone who has supported us during the past 110 years, Sakata Seed Corporation will continue to deliver diverse value through seeds and young plants, and to be a seed company that earns the trust of everyone.