Message From Management

“For the continuous development of the Earth and society"

In the face of issues such as frequent natural disasters and the three-year long spread of COVID-19 infections, what can we, SAKATA Group, do to create a sustainable environment and society? The answer is in the mindset of contributing to society through seeds that we have maintained since our foundation. In the course of our over 100-year history, SAKATA Group has delivered health and smiles to the world through seeds. Seeds sprout, put out flowers, bear fruit, and then the next generation begins from seeds again. The world of seeds is the very continuation of life itself. We have repositioned our contribution to the sustainability of the natural environment and society through excellent seeds as "sustainability management." Going forward, we will continue to do what we have always done, but at an accelerated pace. We formulated the Basic Policy on Sustainability to that end. SAKATA Group will continue to deliver health and smiles to the world for the next 100 years.

August 2022
Sakata Seed Corporation
Hiroshi Sakata, President

Hiroshi Sakata's sign