Our Story

Creating a New Story of Smiles and Thrills

Countless stories exist until one seed is delivered to all people, and until that seed blooms and bears fruit. Emotions felt during that time include joy, fun, surprise. Sometimes, there may be frustration and the even greater joy of overcoming such difficulties. The SAKATA Group conducts our business in stories involving seeds around the world.

The first chapter of the SAKATA Group’s seed story is research and development aimed at creating plants (varieties) with new and unprecedented characteristics. As climate change causes radical shifts in the cultivation environment, our R&D activities are becoming even more important. In order to support growers and enrich the work of everyone who uses flowers and vegetables, the SAKATA Group focuses on plants and works ceaselessly to draw out their possibilities.

To ensure that our new varieties are continually used in the future, our supply chain is responsible for collecting and delivering seeds. The SAKATA Group’s business is supported by a global network of highly responsible and reliable professional in the fields of seed production, quality control, and logistics.

The front line on which seeds, flowers, and vegetables are used is the setting for passionate and diverse stories of sales, marketing, and support teams in each region. What must be done in order to bring joy to growers and to have them use new varieties capable of solving regional problems? We are steadily working to build trusting relationships with customers around the world. Every day, our support teams are working to enable the sustainable growth of these activities.

Seeds have spread throughout the world in conjunction with the history of mankind’s growth. The importance of seeds has remained unchanged from ancient times until today. In recent years, there is further recognition in countries around the world for the role of the seed industry as an essential business. As the global population grows and society becomes even more complex, we believe in the greater importance and possibilities of flower and vegetable seeds which provide nutrition to the body and soul .

Our founder Takeo Sakata left us with the wise saying that “the work of seeds is never finished.” True to this saying, there is no end to the SAKATA Group’s stories of seeds. Moving forward, we are committed to continually creating new stories in harmony with nature and culture, and to providing smiles and thrills to people around the world.