Basic Policy for Protection of Personal Information

Sakata Seed Corporation and its affiliated companies (hereinafter, “SAKATA Group”) understand the importance of Personal Information and recognize our social responsibility to protect Personal Information. SAKATA Group will comply with laws, regulations, internal rules, etc., regarding Personal Information, and will endeavor to properly engage in the acquisition, use, and management of Personal Information handled by SAKATA Group.

SAKATA Group will handle the Personal Information of customers by taking necessary and appropriate measures in accordance with laws and regulations of the country where the company which manages and operates the relevant website is located. SAKATA Group will provide sufficient education to our officers and employees on laws, regulations, and internal rules regarding Personal Information, and will make every effort to appropriately manage and use Personal Information.

This website may provide links to websites operated by SAKATA Group. The use of such websites is subject to the terms and conditions of the individual websites. If you have any questions about the handling of Personal Information on each website, please contact the individual operator or administrator for that website.

SAKATA Group Global Website is operated and managed by Sakata Seed Corporation.

[Last Updated: March 30, 2022]