Governance System of SAKATA

Sakata Seed has established a governance system for its subsidiaries as follows.

System to ensure the efficient performance of duties of Directors of the Company and its subsidiaries

Establishment of system in the subsidiaries

We have established a standard relating to the distribution of duties, the chain of command, authority, decisionmaking and other matters for organizations of the Group, and make our subsidiaries establish a system in compliance with it.

Enforcement of business policy in the Group

We hold meetings basically twice a year with Directors, Audit & Supervisory Board Members, respective Senior General Managers of the functional headquarters, and presidents of major subsidiaries, to enforce the operational policy and business objectives of the entire Group.
In addition, as the need arises we make up a cross-national organization, whose secretariat is our relevant responsible functional headquarters, for research and development, production and logistics, information system, quality control, and marketing to streamline and improve business efficiency with a global view.

System to ensure the business appropriateness in the corporate Group composed of the Company and its subsidiaries

Management and administration of subsidiaries

The Corporate Planning Department is responsible for management and oversight of appropriate business at subsidiaries. Among Directors and Executive Officers, we appoint Supervisors for respective subsidiaries.
The Corporate Planning Department and the Supervisors aim for a regime of cooperation including information exchange and interchange of personnel in accordance with the internal rules and through the Board of Directors of the subsidiaries, to instruct the subsidiaries on the appropriate business performance, by which we construct a solid system of internal control over the entire corporate group.