Top page of the “SAKATA Group’s Global Brand Website”

Sakata Seed Corporation has newly opened the “SAKATA Group’s Global Brand Website” ( to deliver the latest information on the group’s global businesses to diversifying stakeholders across the world.

The purpose of the website is to communicate the SAKATA Group’s strengths and each group company’s initiatives toward realizing a sustainable society to customers in Japan and around the world. We hope the website will convey the charm of seeds to people who are interested, not only in the SAKATA Group and the seed industry, but also in all aspects of agriculture and horticulture.
On this same day, the Japanese and English pages of the “Sakata Seed Corporation Corporate Website” ( have also been re-opened after a full renewal.

Highlights of the newly launched“SAKATA Group’s Global Brand Website”

1. Easy-to-view and easy-to-use design

The website’s simple design features large photos and fonts, and uses green as its base tone, which is the corporate color used by the SAKATA Group in its overseas businesses.

Other efforts have also been made to make the website easy to use. For example, buttons are displayed in large sizes and the contrast between font and background colors has been adjusted to ensure greater visibility and operability.

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2. New contents on “Innovation” and “Sustainability”

The “Innovation” page features the SAKATA Group’s future vision and also introduces the group’s R&D and seed production.

The “Sustainability” page features the activities of various SAKATA Group companies undertaken across the world to realize a sustainable society, such as participation in educational support and volunteer activities.

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